The Little-known Dewberry

Today, while out on another foraging adventure I chanced upon this purple berry growing inconspicuously in a hedge.


It looks like a strange Blackberry (Rubus fruticosus agg.), of which it is a close relative, but it is actually a Dewberry (Rubus caesius). So why should anyone care? Well it’s always worth trying new things, and the Dewberry has a juicer, sharper, almost wine-like flavour compared to blackberries. It also has softer, less abundant spines, so it avoids the hazards of blackberry picking.

They can be used like blackberries, raw, in sauces or pies and the leaves can be eaten raw or used fresh or dried as a herbal tea.

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on “The Little-known Dewberry
One Comment on “The Little-known Dewberry

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